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There are only two types of companies in the world: Those that have experienced cyber security breaches and know about it, and those that have experienced them and don't know about it.

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In order to respond perfectly to your needs, we provide an individual and committed approach


Put the cyber security of your business in the hands of professionals. We'll take care of protecting your data from loss, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Numbers Don't Lie

All cyber attacks are financially motivated

A ransomware attack is occurring

The malware is delivered via e-mail

Americans affected by identity theft
Regardless of whether your company has Internet access

You may be exposed to all of the following

Data protection breaches
Sociotechnical attacks
Lack of service continuity
Security audits and penetration tests
Identify security problems

Penetration testing

Penetration tests are controlled attempts to attack IT systems. Simulations are conducted in order to identify security problems of the tested system.

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Threat modeling
Identify security problems at the early stage of development

Threat modeling

Threat modelling is the process of identifying security problems at an early stage of project development. By understanding the purpose of the product under development

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Computer Forensics
Collecting and analysis attack-evidences while preserving its integrity

Computer Forensics

A post-hack analysis is carried out in order to collect evidence following a hacking attack. The information collected can be used as evidence in court proceedings

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No location borders

No matter where you are in the world, we are ready to provide you with on-site or remote service depending on your individual needs.

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About Me - Rafal Lykowski - Linkedlinkedin

Pentester with many years of experience, founder of PenTestArt.

My experience is based on performing penetration tests for large and medium-sized companies. In my several years of career, I have also been involved in system and network administration, which has significantly broadened my horizons in the field of cyber security.

In my spare time I do security research as evidenced by bugs found in software from well known vendors such as:

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